China Comservice Honored with "Best CEO", "Best CFO" and "Best Investor Relations" by Corporate Governance Asia

21 Jun 2017

In the 7th Asian Excellence Recognition Awards 2017 organized by Corporate Governance Asia, an authoritative journal on corporate governance in Asia, Mr. Sun Kangmin, the Chairman and the Executive Director of China Communications Services Corporation Limited ("the Company"), and Ms. Hou Rui, CFO and the Executive Vice President of the Company, were honored again with the accolades of "Best CEO" and "Best CFO" awards, respectively, and the Company was also honored with the "Best Investor Relations" award.

Organised by Corporate Governance Asia, Asian Excellence Recognition Awards are designed to recognise excellence in investor communications, business ethics, corporate social responsibility, environmental practices and financial performance. The recognitions are based both on the scores from the data submitted and from interviews conducted with investors. These accolades are for the companies and people who possess strong leadership in guiding the board of directors and the company management in growing their business and enhancing shareholder return even amid a backdrop of crisis. Meanwhile, companies also uphold the highest ethics in business practices while expanding their business and demonstrate high level of corporate governance, as well as maintaining an open and transparent communications with its investors in order to build and enhance investor confidence.