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China Communications Services Corporation Limited (“China Comservice”) is a leading service provider in the informatization sector in the PRC that positions itself as a “New Generation Integrated Smart Service Provider”, leverages its strength as “Builder of Digital Infrastructure”, “Provider of Smart Products and Platforms”, “Provider of Industrial Digitalization Services”, “Guard of Smart Operation” (“1 Positioning, 4 Roles”), and commits to “Building Smart Society, Boosting Digital Economy, Serving a Good Life”. The Group provides integrated comprehensive smart solutions for the informatization and digitalization sectors. China Comservice has equipped with advanced technology, comprehensive business lines, healthy financial condition, versatile qualifications, extensive and localized service network and unique and integrated service model. The management team has extensive experience and excellent execution capability. China Comservice will develop strong capabilities to grasp market opportunities, build outstanding core competences, enhance intensive high-efficiency operations and realize stable growth in enterprise value, with a goal of being a "world-class information network builder", thereby becoming an important force contributing to the informatization of the community and an excellent enterprise satisfying its shareholders and customers, being trusted by its staff and recognized by the society.

Customer-oriented Culture Embedded in the Philosophy of "The Highest Excellence is Like That of Water"

China Comservice made great efforts in promoting the customer-oriented culture embodying the philosophy of "the highest excellence is like that of water" and advocating the core value of "benefit all", which helped the Group raise its cohesion and strength, and thus provided a strong cultural support to achieve its strategic goals.

With our beliefs in the cultural connotation as "value the trust, respect the wisdom and benefit all" and the cultural essence of "innovation, compatibility, perseverance, reliability and partner-ship", China Comservice incorporates the unique features of water into our corporate culture, operations and business development. We aim to provide customers with integrated solutions of information network construction built on our integrated turnkey service capabilities in the informatization sector. Therefore, we are able to realize the values of shareholders, employees, industry, customers and the society, thus achieving our own success through helping others to succeed.

Note: "The Highest Excellence Is Like That of Water" - Extrated from "Tao Te Ching" : "The highest excellence is like that of water, which serves all without ever asking for a return." Good deeds at the highest level share the same features as that of water, which nourishes all lives and does not content with them.

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