Overseas Customers

Overseas customers of China Comservice mainly located in emerging markets including Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. As a service provider for telecommunications, media and technology companies, the Company has capabilities and experiences in turnkey projects, and rich experience in communications networks' design and consultation, engineering construction and supervision. Leveraging on our superior technology and service quality, we can provide objective, neutral and all-round one-stop turnkey services of communications network construction project to overseas operator and enterprise customers. We can provide all-business and one-stop communications network operation outsourcing services leveraging on our rich experience and top-tier teams, so as to help our customers to lower their operating costs and enhance their overall network quality, thereby creating greater value for them. At the same time, we provide a series of efficient and convenient application software development and integration services through innovative business sense and mature industry applications, thereby assisting our customers to create greater business value, better service quality and greater competitive advantage.

Comprehensive Telecommunications Infrastructure Outsourcing Solutions

We can provide overseas customers with turnkey solution in communications network construction. Our service scope is mainly the provision of integrated service covering the key activities of telecommunications network construction, including full turnkey services such as planning, survey and design, equipment procurement, construction, equipment installation, testing, project management, network optimization, as well as project financing services for customers. We can provide overseas customers with telecommunications network planning and design solution. Our service scope is mainly to provide integrated network one-stop service, including site survey, design, planning and consulting services for telecommunications networks, civil engineering projects and other auxiliary facilities. At the same time, we provide analysis of future development trend of networks to suit customers' needs such that we can provide tailor-made solutions to them. We can provide overseas customers with telecommunications engineering solution, which mainly includes working together with international well-known equipment vendors to jointly undertake overseas telecommunications network engineering projects. Our service scope covers engineering, installation and testing service for various telecommunications networks. We can provide overseas customers with telecommunications project management solution, which includes a series of services such as pre-construction consultation, network plan evaluation, and selection of system integration supplier and QA/QC for system platform. At the same time, we can provide supervision and management services covering all aspects of projects, assisting our customers to effectively control the quality, progress, cost and safety problem of the telecommunications-related projects.

Comprehensive Telecommunications Operation Outsourcing Solutions

We can provide overseas customers with network operation outsourcing solutions. Our service scope is mainly the provision of standardized integrated service covering the key activities of telecommunications operations, including the maintenance, testing and optimization for a variety of vendors' network equipments, network expansion, management of various network facilities including but not limited to base stations, machine rooms and the operation of service outlets, etc. We can provide overseas customers with telecommunications network optimization solution, which mainly includes network data standardization, network efficiency evaluation and testing, parameter optimization, frequency spectrum optimization and network resources optimization, etc. We can assist our customers to analyze problems in network operation, improve network performance, increase network resource usage, enhance overall quality and improve experience of subscribers. We can provide overseas customers with telecommunications network maintenance solution, which mainly includes a variety of communications network maintenance services for telecommunications operators and various enterprises. We offer one-stop maintenance service such as the maintenance of base station, wires, equipment, IT and terminals, etc. This enables our customers to enjoy a stable and cost-saving network operation and increase the efficiency of the network platform.

Applications, Content Service Outsourcing Solutions

We can provide overseas customers with software development solutions such as business operation support system, enterprise management support system, etc. We can provide overseas customers with system integration solutions. We have a qualified design, development and implementation team with comprehensive telecommunications and IT industry experience. We provide one-stop and all-round services in the fields of public security, enterprise operation management and enterprise informatization, etc. These services include network consultation and planning, project design, engineering implementation, system installation and testing, operation maintenance, application integration, technology support and training and equipment lease, etc. With solid development and operational experience in the voice VAS field, we can provide customers voice VAS service solutions such as call center service and other services. We can provide overseas customers with Internet VAS service solutions, including the provision of all-round service such as professional consultancy and planning, network and application solution design, system integration, maintenance outsourcing and software/hardware system upgrades, so as to satisfy the customer demands for integrated information service.

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