Supervisory Committee

The Company established a Supervisory Committee pursuant to the PRC Company Law. The term of service of our supervisors are three years, and they may serve consecutive terms if re-elected upon the expiry of their terms of service. The Supervisory Committee is a standing supervisory institution of the Company and is accountable and reports to all the shareholders. The Supervisory Committee normally meets at least twice a year.

The primary duties of the Supervisory Committee are to supervise the financial activities of the Group, to review the financial statements and other financial information prepared and presented by the Board at the general meeting(s); to supervise the performance of duties of the directors and other senior management; to prevent them from abusing power; and to deal with the directors or to initiate legal actions against the directors on behalf of the Company. In 2022, the Supervisory Committee held five meetings, details of which are set out in the “Report of the Supervisory Committee” of 2022 annual report.

The following is the composition of the Supervisory Committee of the Company:

HUANG Xudan Chairperson of Supervisory Committee
CAI Manli Supervisor
LIU Lian Employee Representative Supervisor
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