Directors, Supervisors & Management
Ms. HAN Fang (韓芳)
age 46, is the Chairperson of our Supervisory Committee. Ms. Han is the Vice President of the Audit Department of China Telecommunications Corporation. Ms. Han graduated from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications with a bachelor's degree in engineering management in 1995. She obtained a master degree in business administration at the Norwegian School of Management in 2007. Ms. Han is an international internal auditor, a qualified accountant in PRC and a senior accountant. She worked as a Supervisor of the Supervisory Committee of China Telecom Corporation Limited, the Chief Accountant of China Telecom Global Limited and a Divisional Director of the General Audit Division of China Telecommunications Corporation's Audit Department. Ms. Han has over 20 years of finance and audit experience in the telecommunications industry.
Independent Supervisor
Mr. HAI Liancheng (海連成)
age 74, is an Independent Supervisor of our Company. Mr. Hai studied at the Civil Aviation College and Chinese Communist Party's (CPC) School, and obtained a college diploma. Mr. Hai served as Vice-Divisional Director and Divisional Director of the Financial Division of the Financial Department of Civil Aviation Administration of China ("CAAC"), Vice-Director and Director of the Financial Department of CAAC, General Manager of China Aviation Oil Supply Corporation and Vice General Manager of China Aviation Oil Holding Company. Mr. Hai served as the Chairman of South China BlueSky Aviation Oil Co., Ltd. and China Aviation Oil Corporation Ltd.. Mr. Hai has been the Director General of the CAAC Sub-association of the China Association of Chief Financial Officers and Chairman of the CAAC Training Centre for Accounting and Auditing since January 2006. Mr. Hai served as consultant of PICC Property and Casualty Co. Ltd., Chairman of Zhong Peng Certified Public Accountants Ltd. and senior advisor of China PnR Co., Ltd.
Employee Representative Supervisor
Mr. SI Jianfei (司劍非)
age 56, is an Employee Representative Supervisor and senior manager of the Company. Prior to that, Mr. Si was the Director of the General Manager's Office and Office of Board of Directors of the Company and concurrently served as the General Manager of Beijing Hongxiang Hotel. Mr. Si graduated from University of International Business and Economics in 2002 with an MBA degree. Mr. Si joined the Sideline Industrial Management Department of China Telecommunications Corporation in 2003 and served as the Divisional Director of the General Management Division. Prior to that, Mr. Si was the Deputy Director of Corporate Affairs Department of China Telecom Corporation Limited Xinjiang Branch. Mr. Si has over 20 years working experiences in the telecommunications industry.