Directors, Supervisors & Management
Ms. CAI Manli (蔡曼莉)
aged 49, is a Supervisor of our Company. Ms. Cai is a Certified Public Accountant of the PRC and a Certified Tax Agent of the PRC. Ms. Cai obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics from Renmin University of China in 1998 and obtained a master’s degree in management from Central University of Finance and Economics in 2006. Ms. Cai is currently a Senior Advisor at Beijing King & Wood Mallesons, an External Supervisor of Sichuan Xinwang Bank Co., Ltd., as well as an Independent Director of Shanghai Flyco Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd., Megvii Technology Limited, Guangzhou Xaircraft Technology Co., Ltd., and Allmed Medical Products Co.,Ltd., and an Independent Non-Executive Director of ZTE Corporation. Ms. Cai previously served a Deputy Chief of the M&A Governance Office II and Chief of the M&A Governance Office I and the Leader of the Accounting and Evaluation Team at the Department for the Governance of Listed Companies at China Securities Regulatory Commission. Ms. Cai previously also acted as the General Manager of HEYI Rising Assets Management Co., Ltd., and was an Independent Director of SF Diamond Co., Ltd., Hubei Radio & Television Information Network Co., Ltd. and Beijing Yadi Media Information Group Co., Ltd. Ms. Cai is well versed in capital market operations and regulations and has extensive experience in consultation and equity investments relating to capital markets.
Employee Representative Supervisor
Ms. LIU Lian (劉廉)
aged 48, is an Employee Representative Supervisor of the Company. Ms. Liu is a Supervisor of the Leading Group Office of the Inspection Work of the Party Committee of the Company. Ms. Liu graduated from Southwest University of Science and Technology in 2004. Ms. Liu used to serve different positions with Mianyang Telecom Industry Group Co., Ltd of Sichuan Telecom Industry Group Corporation, including the Deputy Manager of Property Company, Deputy Manager of the Installation and Maintenance Department, Director of the Marketing and Operation Department and Deputy General Manager. She was also the Deputy General Manager, Chairman of the Labor Union and the General Manager of Mianyang Branch of Sichuan Communications Services Company Limited, the Deputy Chairman of the Labor Union, Director of the Party affairs Department and Employee Representative Supervisor of Sichuan Communications Services Company Limited. Ms. Liu has over 20 years of working experience in telecommunications industry.
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