Digital and Informatization Solutions

Leveraging on our decades of extensive experience in building and managing the supreme networks for telecommunications operators, in recent years, China Comservice has been persistent in deepening reform in order to speed up its transformation towards smart and digital services by extending our service capabilities, innovating in the informatization era, and strengthening cooperation with different partners in the ecosystem. The services provided by China Comservice has been extending from telecommunications support services to the provision of informatization and digitalization solutions for different industries and sectors.

The Group’s key areas of focus includes government, transportation, construction, Internet & IT, electricity, as well as small-medium sized enterprises and many other industries and sectors.

Smart City

To bolster precise city management and urban services, as well as modernization of urban governance through effective integration and resource sharing of city information, we use Smart City top-level design as the entry point to build up Smart City Big Data Platform, city operation management platform and smart applications that allow for flexible disassembly and reorganization.

We are one of the companies in China that engage in the business of Smart City at a very early stage. We possess a sizable team of consultation experts in the field of Smart City, and a complete service portfolio in the top tier design consultancy, including Smart City integrated planning, specialized planning, top tier design and execution plan. Our Smart City projects are led by top tier design, and leverage on the product portfolio of Smart City of China Comservice. We have capabilities to execute complex and professional system integration, and possess rich practical experience.

  • Implemented over 100 Smart City projects;
  • Profound understanding on the nature of Smart City;
  • Led by top-level planning;
  • Strong integrated service capabilities;
  • Product portfolio that is able to be disassembled and reorganized flexibly.

Typical cases:

  • Smart Nanjing
    • the first domestic large-scale Smart City operation and management platform, which become the benchmark of Smart City projects;
  • Smart Moutai
    • realized digitalized management in all dimensions, procedures and aspects to promote the transformation and upgrade of the Moutai Group;
  • Smart Qianhai, Smart Yantian, Smart Ningxia, Smart Kunming……
Smart Park

We provide integrated turnkey solutions for informatization construction of parks, including consultation, planning, construction, operation and maintenance. Based on a co-sharing platform, we provide unified management and differentiated services for the parks with marketing, management and services as the three major integrated application systems.

Smart Park comprehensive management platform already realized and have been running various applications including integrated park management, mobile tourist guide, touch-screen tourist guide, 3D online virtual park and emergency command. At the same time, by utilizing Big Data generated within the park, analysis can be conducted on park operation, public opinion monitoring, tourist consumption pattern, tourists’ traffic flow and park environment, etc.

Typical cases:

  • 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exposition;
  • Numerous participation in the informatization construction of world-class International Garden Expos;
  • Capable of providing informatization solutions for expos / tourism areas, zoos, tax-free zones, entrepreneurship/industrial parks and logistic parks etc.
2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exposition
2017 Zhengzhou International Garden Expo
2016 Tangshan International Horticultural Exposition
2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Exposition
2011 Xi’an International Horticultural Exposition
Smart Construction

Leveraging on Smart Construction management platform as the core, we realized integration and interconnection among self-control system of building equipment, and also automation systems of office, security, fire protection and communications etc, so as to provide visualized management, operation and service.

Our Smart Construction management platform possesses specific functions including centralized equipment monitoring, centralized alarm management, overall property management, smart equipment dispatch, integrated property management, integrated operation and maintenance management, and energy consumption management and analysis, which assist our customers to improve the overall efficiency of construction projects.

Typical cases:

  • Haixi commercial building - 5A intelligent commercial building of international standard, a new landmark building in Fuzhou;
  • Electricity production and command center in Inner Mongolia – a key informatization project in the electricity sector of Inner Mongolia, in which its project quality reached the standard for “Grassland Cup” (the highest provincial standard for engineering construction).
Smart Highway

By integrating frontier technologies, we develop the new generation Smart Highway operation and management platform which possesses full capabilities in three major highway informatization areas – surveillance, toll, as well as maintenance and operation. Meanwhile, through massive real-time data collection and intelligent analysis, we assist the highway operators to enhance the capabilities of emergency command and dispatch, operation surveillance management and public travel services.

  • The realization of cross-region and province-wide supervision;
  • Breaking technologies of non-inductive payment system that allows vehicle pay tolls without stopping in the midway;
  • Professional and focused IT and network maintenance standard equivalent to the standard in telecom sector.

Typical cases:

  • Hunan Smart Highway - provincial highway Big Data Platform;
  • Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway - one of the three demonstrative projects from Ministry of Transport, Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation;
  • Changyi Expressway - as one of the 10 most congested highway sections in China, the system construction largely alleviated prolonged congestion.
Smart Town

Leveraging on IoT, Big Data and other technologies, we successfully construct the Smart Town comprehensive Big Data management platform and realize five applications, namely landscape protection, hazard warning, river and water quality protection and monitoring, grid and pipe network and resource management in towns. Through a combination of platform + application + services, we provide Smart Town comprehensive solution.

Leveraging on smart hardware and facilities, we assist the enhancement on the management capabilities of towns through developing Smart Cloud Booth, Smart Sewage Cover, Smart Light Pole and construction of WiFi network, etc.

  • Accumulated experience from solving chaotic pipe networks for over 500 towns;
  • Provide integrated services comprising training and seminar, design and consultation, software development, EPC infrastructure, operation and maintenance to meet various demand of different towns.

Typical cases:

  • Shicong Town of Huzhou City – Realized WiFi and Smart Firefighting system covering over 5.8km2 town area;
  • Wangdian Town in Zhejiang province – Realized smart administration of underground pipeline network for the whole town covering 3.5km2 town area.
Open IoT Platform

Open IoT Platform supports smart applications and is connectable with intelligent devices. It allows data sharing within the platform and enables establishment of an open, cooperative and win-win ecological chain. The platform opens up to terminals and application vendors, and provides comprehensive, standardized support services through smart services.

  • Provide cloud+ edge deployment solution with excellent platform processing performance
    • Capable of connecting up to hundreds of millions of equipment;
    • Locate equipment and control response time within second;
    • Store up to 100 billion pieces of data, depending on the Big Data storage technologies.
  • Easy access for equipment
    • The platform proactively adapts with industrial standards and provides multiple access methods;
    • Provide one-on-one access service by professional service team
  • Component-based service + scene editor + agile software development tool = user-friendly application development environment
    • Assist application developers to promptly seize more business opportunities through rapid development of their own products by our efficiency of “a demo within 5 hours, online within 3 days”;
    • Capable of providing services along the whole IoT industry chain. Our Smart Product consultants (consultation & design experts) help to upgrade traditional industry products rapidly, and our localized comprehensive service network assists SMEs to promptly deploy smart applications nationwide;
    • Provide comprehensive safety assurance for IoT application projects with professional team, simulated scenarios and multiple encrypted methods;
    • The online shopping platform together with CCS distribution channels provide applications, equipment and solutions for platform connection, enabling win-win cooperation within the ecosystem.

Typical cases:

  • Open IoT Platform assisted the operation of the Smart Family business platform of a telecom operator, and achieved plug & play and unified management on IoT equipment under diverse protocols, with more than 100 equipment manufacturers accessed and more than 30 categories (700 types) of smart devices connected;
  • Based on Open IoT Platform and leveraged on Smart Government Services, various industrial applications including Smart Safety and Smart Highway have been consolidated to construct a people-oriented and service-typed Smart City.
CCS Network Security Solution

We meet the security need over the full life cycle in informatization construction by providing integrated network security solution covering both services and products to our telecom operator, government and industrial customers.

  • All-round services;
  • Provide products including CA authentication, anti-internet fraud, asset safety and baseline management, safety test and competition platform;
  • Undertake various national security projects, with accumulated project amount over RMB20 billion;
  • Possess the most comprehensive and highest level qualifications in network safety area;
  • Dedicated security service expert team with more than 2000 people.
2008 Beijing Olympics
2011 Shenzhen Universiade
2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games
2014 National Day Grand Military Parade
2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit
2014-2017 World Internet Conference
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